• 10 Day Challenge

    8 Fears:

    There are the obvious fears like losing a loved one, contracting a disease - stuff like that so I'll try to think of ones that are slightly different.

    1. Disappointing people - I hate failing at things because I have a deep fear of disappointing those around me.
    2. Clowns - They freak me out!
    3. Bellybuttons - It's an actual phobia I have.  No one may come close to that area, if someone accidentally touches it or I see someone touch their bellybutton, I freak out.
    4. Ever since seeing Jaws as a child, I am too scared to swim alone.  I always picture myself in a sea with a shark swimming behind me.
    5. As mentioned previously, I am scared of having children and therefore scared of being around children.
    6. Losing my ability to hear.  I love music so there is no way I could handle losing my sense of hearing.  So I do have to remind myself to turn the volume down on my ipod at times.
    7. Not ever being good enough - I think this ties into my fear of disappointing people.  I have high expectations set for myself and the idea of not being good enough scares me.
    8. I am somewhat claustrophobic - I can't even put a polo neck jersey on because when it goes over my face I freak out.  It all started in Grade 1 where I was playing hide and seek and got stuck in a small cabinet meant for files.  I was in there for probably only 30 seconds but it terrified me.
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    1. I'm also scared of clowns. Since watching IT when I was younger. Haha.

      1. My parents wouldn't allow me to watch IT and I've never watched it since I was told it would frighten me too much. Emotionally I am very sensitive when it comes to watching movies - I couldn't sleep properly for over 2 weeks after watching Paranormal Activity :P

      2. I'm the same - I carry the fear with me long after watching the movie. I have no idea where or when I watched it. I doubt my parents let me though. Haha.

    2. I should both send you a link of an article I found on BBC, The 10 scariest clowns:-)

    3. It really takes a lot to be so honest about yourself and to share it with the world. Good for you! PS What is it about clowns?? They freak me out too! :)

      1. Hi Charlene :)

        Clowns freak me out because I use to have a little clown doll that had 2 faces on its head - the one side with a smile and the other had a sad face - and you could turn it to the face you wanted. I remember the one night hearing a loud noise as a child and when I looked up a beam of light was shining on the Clown's face (which was sad) and it freaked me out. It wasn't some king of mystical beam - just light coming through a crack in my curtains. But it was still weird and its stuck with me. Clowns on stilts are the worst! LOL xxx

      2. Oh my word, that sounds freaking scary!


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