• 10 day Challenge

    9 Loves
    1. Music - Nothing is as meaningful to me as a well written song.
    2. Dachshunds - I've blogged about dachshunds more than once.  They are the breed I grew up with and have 2 amazing dachshunds that I get to cuddle every day.
    3. Spring time - I don't like extreme weather so Spring time is nice and mild and all the flowers start blossoming, the little animals come out of hiding and I'm smiling because I'm not getting too hot or too cold.
    4. Sweet Peas - My favourite flower because it reminds me of my childhood.  I had an amazing childhood.
    5. Purple - I even have 2 walls in my room painted purple
    6. Perfume - Perfume makes me feel feminine and happy
    7. Caramel - Just like some people are nuts about chocolate, that is how I am about Caramel Treat.
    8. Trees - to me there is almost nothing more magical in nature
    9. All the people I choose to surround myself with - those who I choose to share my life with are all people that I love.  I don't take things lightly and that is why for instance, the people I call my friends I have known for years.


    1. I'm really liking this challenge. I'm thinking I should participate as well. :)

      1. This has been a lot of fun. You should seriously consider doing it as well :)


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