• Isabelina Décor Shed

    I love walking through certain stores looking for beautiful home decor items.  Isabelina Décor Shed in the V&A Waterfront is a store that I can get lost in for ages.  The store has a beautiful collection of jewellery, clothing, handbags, scented oils, creams, ceramics and home decor items (to name but a few).  
    Each store does have a slightly different collection of things at times and I am lucky enough to have 4 stores situated not too far from where I live or work.  There are currently 7 stores open, mostly in the Cape Town region, with a store in George and Stilbaai as well.  Visit the Isabelina Décor Shed website to locate a store closest to you.


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      1. Yes! I love the store's goodies - especially the little ceramic jugs with hearts on.


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