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    Wild Olive is one of those stores you happen to walk by then stop dead in your tracks and gasp in amazement.  All of the stores are beautifully designed and have a 18th-19th century apothecary look and feel to them.
    Wild Olive Store Locator
    I love soy candles and the Wild Olive collection happens to be one of my all time favourites.  The thing I love about soy candles is that they make bath time a luxurious experience.  While burning the candle a wonderful atmosphere is created and the room fills up with an amazing scent that is not at all overwhelming.  Then when you are done relaxing you have the wonderful soy wax to massage into your skin.  

    I have tried out the candles in store but haven't purchased one because I am a bit frightful of spending R245 on a single candle.  But I have to say that the candle is 250g, making it a really incredible size and good value for money. 

    The Wild Olive Soy Candle Collection:
    Florae; Vetiveria; Plantifolia; Rosaria; Flora Capensis
    A product I can highly recommend is the Sensitive Face Mist.  
    Sensitive Face Mist - 100ml
    It is fantastic at hydrating the skin during the day and works perfectly on areas that need a bit of extra hydration.  Another thing I love is that it doesn't fight with the scent of the perfume I am wearing.  A 100ml bottle costs R145 and depending on how often you use it, a bottle can last you 2-3 months, making it a great value for money product.

    Follow Wild Olive on Facebook, Twitter and their blog.  For those who do not live in Cape Town, Wild Olive has an online store

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