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    DKNY Be Delicious s The World

    This is seriously exciting news for me.  I am a perfume addict and constantly have to pull myself away from perfume stands or hide my purse away when I enter stores that sell perfume.  So I was delighted when I saw that DKNY is close to launching the limited edition DKNY Be Delicious Hearts The World.  Expected to be released in July 2012, I think these bottles are going to be scooped up very quickly.

    The collection is made up of 4 fragrances which are devoted to major cities across the globe: New York, London, Paris and Rio de Janeiro.  Reading the description of each scent I would want to try the Rio de Janeiro fragrance.
    Image source and fragrance description
    It is described as:
    DKNY Be Delicious Rio is a sumptuous tropical scent of the attractive Brazilian city. Fresh and vibrant, it aims to capture the scents of sun-drenched beaches and samba parties.
    Top notes: pink lady apple and passion fruit
    Heart: orange blossom and gardenia
    Base: benzoin, myrrh and sandalwood

    Being from Cape Town I do wish that a fragrance was included for my beautiful city - maybe one day ♡ 

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