• Sorbet was a real treat!

    I usually don't write spa treatment reviews because it's very difficult to say a place is fantastic when the quality of a treatment largely depends on the therapist you are lucky enough to get.  This post will however be an exception because I was really blown away by the great service I received from the staff at Sorbet in the Canal Walk 2 branch.
    The treatment room in Sorbet Canal Walk 2

    Last week Friday my sister and I headed to Sorbet for a 30 minute back, shoulder and neck massage (priced at R190).  Upon arriving we were greeted by our therapists and lead to our treatment rooms.  The rooms are small in size yet have a warm and cozy feel which is the feeling you want when trying to relax in a treatment room.  I dislike overly big treatment rooms that are too big to feel at ease in and are not appropriately heated, especially in winter.

    The room was dimly lit with beautiful scented candles placed around the room which immediately helped me to relax.  I was pleasantly surprised that none of the busy mall noise could be heard from the rooms which allows a person to escape from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the peace and quiet for a while.  My therapist, Leticia, was incredibly friendly and explained the treatment to me in full.  I was told where to hang my clothing, how to lie down on the bed and where to place the towels on my body.  I know these details sound silly and "logical" but it's very important to know these things if you are shy and don't want to have to move when the therapist comes back into the room.  I have been to places before where none of these things were explained to me.

    Once I was settled in Leticia returned and asked me of any problem areas I had that she should focus on and the pressure I would like applied during my massage.  Now this is VERY refreshing to me.  Often when you arrive at spas you fill in a form with all these details written down for the therapist but often I don't experience what I filled in on the form.  They neglect my problem areas or don't apply the requested amount of pressure.  Leticia found all the horrible knots plaguing my back and worked them out using the Dermalogica stress relief treatment oil.  Although these kinds of massages are somewhat painful at first it is very necessary to be a little hard handed with the muscles to get the knots to release.  Afterwards I felt so much better and a lot of the built up stress in my back was completely gone.

    A touch that I really appreciated was the post massage advice my therapist gave me on what to expect (because my muscles were very badly knotted).  She also gave me a few Dermalogica stress relief treatment oil samples to take home to treat my back.  I have never received great service like this before at any of the beauty salons or spas I have been to before - and believe me, I have been to MANY great (and very expensive) spas around Cape Town (I am somewhat addicted to massages).  

    After our massages I chatted to my sister about her experience and her experience pretty much matched mine to a tee.  I think it is therefore safe to say that this is the standard of service one can expect from Sorbet.  I would love to hear back from you on your experiences at Sorbets across the country or any other spas you've been to.

    I'll definitely go back to Sorbet very soon to try out other treatments they have on offer.  The pedicure room looked especially inviting with the huge lazy boy style couches and flat screen TV to keep you entertained during the treatment - I am not good at making conversation during manicures and pedicures so I do appreciate that one is not forced to endure the awkward, idle chitchat (although the staff I met at the Canal Walk store were all very friendly and set me at ease immediately).

    Visit Sorbet online to find a branch near you and to view the available treatments. You can also follow Sorbet on Twitter and Facebook.  Don't forget you can join their loyalty program and swipe your Click club cards to gain points.


    1. I am a client myself at sorbet in canal walk and i must say Leticia is one of the best therapist. Btw..her wedding is coming up..... Angelika

    2. I am Leticia's regular client for many years, I must say she is doing the good job there :) ....

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