• Shelley & Harry: One of my wishes came true!

    I have already done two posts on Shelley & Harry because I really love the jewellery that Shelley makes and as a dog lover (dachshunds in particular) this brand pulls at my heart strings.  As many of you know I do a Wishing Wednesday post, where I wish out loud never really expecting any of them to come true.  One of these posts was on the New Flower rings in the Floral collection:
    Order Now: New Flower Ring Silver
    I was so excited to share this with people that I took a photo as soon as I got into my car.  One of my wishes came true and I am a VERY happy lady.  And here it is, in all it's beautiful shining glory:
    I really love this ring so much and it brings me such joy wearing it.  Every time I look at it I can't help but smile.  I can highly recommend Shelley & Harry Jewellery and I have seen that Shelley is adding a few more items to the Floral range that is very affordable.  I am keeping my eye on the Lucky Bean, can't wait for it to be revealed.

    With Father's Day around the corner, why not treat your dad to a gift from Shelley & Harry?  Shelley makes the cutest little Dachshund chufflinks named after her adorable dog, Harry:
    Order Now: Harry Cufflinks
    And while you are at it you can always spoil yourself to a Harry necklace ;)

    For more information on Shelley & Harry you can visit the website or follow Shelley on twitter or facebook.  The range is carried by a number of stores which can be viewed on the Shelley & Harry website.

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