• Manicure Monday

    Avon Nail Experts Pearl Shine.  I love the natural pink shine that it gives my nails.  Available from Avon Representatives.
    I cracked my one nail rather badly while gardening and it split deep into the nail bed (almost half way down the length of my nail.  It is taking ages to grow out, hence the lack of Manicure Monday posts lately.  I finally have it at a point where it's almost all grown out and I will once again be able to let my nails grow a little bit of length (touch wood).  For very short nails I prefer the natural look and I use nail polishes to enhance my nails.  The Avon Pearl Shine is perfect for this and I love that the bottle has a brush attached to the end of it.  Makes applying nail polish incredibly quick and easy.

    TIP: Don't push too hard on the bottle else too much product is released.

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