• Manicure Monday: Winter Collections Part 2

    For Winter 2012 OPI launched their Germany Collection which has an array of colours to suit almost all tastes.
    OPI Winter Collection

    Personally I like Berlin There Done That; Deutsch You Want Me Baby and My Very First Knockwurst.

    Spring time is something to look forward to with OPI's Holland collection.
    OPI Spring Collection


    1. Such cute names. Love the colours. :)

      1. If OPI was more affordable, I think I would buy almost all the colours!

    2. I'm in love with OPI but definitely agree that they are quite pricey. "Suzie and the 7 dusseldorfs" looks like a colour that could be my best friend ;)

      1. That is a beautiful colour indeed! I'm very strange when it comes to purples - purple is my favourite colour and for decor and clothing I love the darker shades, but when it comes to my nails I prefer wearing lighter shades of it on my nails. If I had to purchase one of the shades of purples, I would go with the "Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?" from the Holland collection.


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