• The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain

    The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain
    This is the first lip and cheek stain I have ever bought. I bought this mainly because I was sick of having to reapply lipstick while out or at work. 

    I hadn't ever applied a lip stain before and was quite surprised to see how runny the stain is, but if you brush a little of the product off the wand back into the tube you can get a good coverage without it running off your lips.  As a lip stain it works reasonably well but I don't think it is terribly good. The stain can be built up nicely or left as a slight natural stain on the lips or cheeks (which is what I prefer). I apply one light coat, let it dry then apply a second coat. After applying the stain I dust a little bit of powder over it and I find it does help to set the colour a bit more.  The stain does not last as long as one would hope (about 2 hours of colour that slowly fades).  I think this is best suited as a base to lipstick. It'll give the lipstick more depth of colour and when the lipstick fades the lip stain provides a bit of colour. As a lip stain I give it 3/5
    TIP: Line your lips with a nude lip liner to keep the stain on your lips and prevent it from bleeding.

    I love pink cheeks. The type that looks natural, where the colour looks like it's coming from within.  This stain creates that natural pink cheek look. Applied to the cheeks under base or powder it creates the look of naturally glowing cheeks and stays put for the entire day. You just have to becareful how you apply it. You can't just use the wand....as I discovered.  I dab a little onto cotton wool then apply it to my cheeks (the stain can easily be removed with a wet wipe - I keep baby wipes in my makeup drawer for cleaning brushes and mistakes). I also experimented with the stain mixed into a little amount of moisturiser and it worked pretty well. The fingertips work just as well for blending the colour into your skin. As a cheek stain it gets 5/5 for quality.

    TIP: Use the stain very sparingly. The aim is to get a sheer natural pink look.  You literally need one or two drops to get a nice amount of stain on your cheeks.

    I love how versatile this stain is.  It is one of those products you can throw into your makeup purse and have it serve 2 purposes - if not 3. I've used it as eye shadow as well.  Using my fingertip, I dab a little on my eye lids to make my pinks pop more and also provides a good base to make eye shadow last longer on the lids.

    The stain cost R99 and in my opinion it is reasonably priced considering that it is multi-purposed and a good quality product.

    Overall I give this a 4/5 rating.


    1. I love cheek and lip stains. Thanks for the review. :)


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