• Yardley Colour Hamper from Shape Magazine

    I was fortunate enough to win a competition with Shape Magazine and Yardley.  The colour hamper I won was filled with 8 Quick Dry nail polish colours, a can of Speed Finish nail drying spray and a Lash-Lustre mascara.

    From Left: Mango Mischief, Seductive Strawberry, Candy Burst, Tropical Pink, Moulin Rouge and Ravishing Raspberry

    The Quick Dry Nail Polishes:

    Of the 8 nail polish colours that I received 6 were bright summer colours that completely capture the essence of summer in the bottles.  In order to achieve the colour that you see in the bottle, 2 coats are needed to get an even full colour.  My favourites are the Candy Burst, Seductive Strawberry and Moulin Rouge.  I am not terribly fond of the Mango Mischief colour that that is purely because I am not a fan of oranges like that.  I definitely cannot fault the quality of the nail polishes, they last well and stand up to general day to day activities without chipping or cracking.  

    The other 2 colours I received were more metallic and more suited for Autumn and Winter.
    Nail Drying Spray; Choc Cream; Orient Express
    These two nail polishes require at least 3 coats to achieve a full even colour.  Personally I am not terribly keen on these two colours but that is purely because I am not use to wearing colours like this.  As with the other nail polishes these go on easily and after the 3rd coat a rich metallic look is achieved.  

    One thing I truly love about this range of nail polishes is that it does not have a seriously strong chemical smell to it.  Other nail polishes have a very strong smell to them, which at times make them unpleasant to use.

    The Quick Dry nail polishes retail for around R48 a bottle.

    The Speed Finish Nail Drying Spray

    I haven't used a drying spray before but after using this product I definitely think it'll be a nail polish staple for me.  When sprayed on the nails the nail polish dries immediately to the touch.  The spray has a cool feeling to it and one only needs to spray a light coating in order to dry the nail polish.  As with other quick drying products the layers underneath are still wet and this can cause smearing and smudges, so it's best to be careful for at least 10 minutes with your nails to ensure that the polish dries and hardens. A great thing about this spray is that it has vitamin e added to it which moiturises and conditions the cuticles very well.  The sprays are available in 2 sizes - 50ml and 90ml (RSP R59)

    Yardley Lash-Lustre Mascara

    Yardley Lash-Lustre lash growth enhancer mascara
    I am seriously impressed with this mascara.  I am the type of girl that cannot leave the house without mascara on, without it I feel somewhat naked.  This mascara is a beautiful intense black colour that coats the lashes evenly while separating and extending each the hairs.  The mascara is formulated to promote lash growth and this is achieved by the addition of Vitamins A, C and E to the mascara to stimulate conditioning of the hairs and Peptide active and Hyaluronic acid to condition the lashes.  The formula also ensures that the lashes don't feel hard and plastic like, I hate it when my lashes feel hard and fake because of mascara. (RSP R109)

    Yardley products can be purchased from various supermarkets, department stores, pharmacies and online from Takealot.com.

    Thanks again to Shape Magazine South Africa and Yardley for the hamper!


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