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    I have to give my nails a bit of a break from nail polish and decided I would use this post to highlight a nail polish brand that I love using.
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    I LOVE Incoco Dry Nail Applique.  I received a pack in my March Rubybox and instantly loved with the concept of the product.  This is such a phenomenal product to use and I love not only the quality of the product but also the entire experience of applying the strips to my nails.  

    I haven't ever had such a quick and easy nail polish application experience before.  A lot of the time I do end up smudging and smearing traditional nail polishes before it dries completely.  With Incoco Dry Nail appliques there is need to sit for ages waiting for nail polish to dry and harden.  I like to keep my Manicure Monday posts as short as possible so if you'd like to read more about my experience using the product, please visit my review on the Beauty Bulletin website.
    My experience using the product.
    Incoco products are available at all good nail salons and can be purchased online from the Rubybox Boutique.

    For more information you can visit the Incoco website.  You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

    I am seriously looking forward to Spring arriving in South Africa (Yes, I know we are only just heading into Winter so I'm in for a long wait. But looking at the Spring collection makes my heart long to wear these colours).


    1. I finally used the Incoco nail wraps. Read about it here. http://lastexpected.blogspot.com/2012/09/incoco-nails.html
      Although I liked them and thought they looked to prefessional and neat, I cannot really justify the cost for 8 days of pretty nails.

      1. I also really like the look of them BUT I won't be buying these regularly because of the cost.


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