• I love Dachshunds!

    I adore dachshunds!  There are few words that can capture my love for the breed and just thinking about them fills my heart with such joy and love.  Yes I know I sound a little bit crazy but I am an animal lover that grew up surrounded by little dachshunds all my life.  This post is going to be a self-indulgent one that I am doing purely to satisfy my love for the breed and my wonderful little doggies.  

    First off, let me introduce you to my family of wonderful dogs:
    From Top Left: Tasha; Milo; Scamp
    Now comes the bombardment of cuteness....
    All these images along with their sources can be found on my pinterest profile.

    I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to share my life with wonderful animals.    To me dogs are the best teachers of how to love unconditionally.  believe that you don't know how to truly love until you have opened your heart to a dog.


    1. The way you feel about dachshunds is the way I feel about Chihuahua's. :)

      I LOVE dogs.

    2. Have you seen a Dachshund\Chihuahua mix before?

      My heart wants to explode now :)


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