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    I am addicted to beauty sample boxes and am a subscriber to all 3 beauty boxes available in South Africa.  Glossybox is the "new kid on the block" and many wondered if it would be able to live up to the 2 boxes already available.  At R130 it is R30 more expensive than the competing boxes but so far, I personally believe it to be worth the extra bit of cash.
    I have received all the Glossyboxes since its launch in February of this year and have been thrilled with each box thus far.  I expected the February box to be amazing (which it definitely was - see my box here: Feb Box.) and then prepared myself for the March box not living up to the standard set by the first box.  When my March box arrived I slowly opened it, trying to control my expectations - when I opened the box I was thrilled to see that they had filled it with lots of samples again and I really loved that they continued the little extra gifts inside. (See my box here: March Box)

    The April box hasn't been any different.  The ladies at Glossybox have continued to provide a great quality box filled with products that I cannot wait to try out.  This month's box also included a jewellery product, a ring from 4flavour which is available exclusively at YDE stores.  This is the first beauty box to include a jewellery item inside the box.  Sadly the ring was too big for me but I was able to pass it on to a very happy friend.  It felt good to be able to share my box with someone.  You'll notice that the ring is missing from the photo below as I had already given it away by the time I took the photo.

    The April box:
    April 2012 Glossybox
    As you can see, the box is once again packed with lots of goodies that I can't wait to try.
    1. Clarins Extra-firming Tightening Lift Botanical Serum (RSP R610 for 30ml). In the box we received a 10ml sample.  That is AMAZING value because the little tube included in the box is worth over R200 alone!
    2. Salon Care Enzyme Exfoliant (RSP R95 for 75ml).  The sample size is 50ml.
    3. Salon Care Collagen Cream (RSP R100 for 100ml).  As with the exfoliant, the sample is 50ml.  Both of these are a very generous size that will allow all Glossybox subscribers to test the effectiveness of both products properly over time.
    4. Eye Majic Eye Shadow (RSP R45 per box).  I have seen products like this in magazines but haven't actually seen them in stores - granted I probably don't know where to even look.  I am very excited to try these out tomorrow.  Each box comes with 2 applications.  I received shade 3 which looks like a pink and gold colour.  Very beautiful indeed!
    5. Iman Luxury Radiance liquid Make up (RSP R350 for 30ml).  The sample looks like it could be 5ml and I received the colour Clay 1.  When subscribing to Glossybox they ask you to fill in a beauty profile and within it you have to specify your skin tone, hair colour, etc.  I think this was used to choose the colour of the makeup provided to each subscriber - I could however be mistaken.  Either way, I can't wait to use this.  I haven't ever used a make up item like this before but I have seen Iman advertised on Takealot.com and have been tempted to purchase an item.
    6. As mentioned earlier, a jewellery gift from 4flavour was included in the box along with a postcard advertising a competition on their facebook page.  All you have to do is leave a comment on their wall stating which mouth watering flavour describes you best.  You stand a chance of winning a 4flavour hamper filled with fashion accessories.
    7. Lastly there was a R200 discount voucher to redeem against an order of over R600 from www.zando.co.za.  I have ordered from the website before and was very happy with the service received and the quality of the product.  You can view my blog post on Zando here: Zando - Shoes and fashion online.
    Thank you to Glossybox for once again providing us all with such a great quality box and for continuing to exceed expectations.

    For those of you who are not familiar with how Beauty sample boxes work, please visit Glossybox's website for more information.  Also, to keep up to date with Glossybox why not follow them on twitter, @Glossybox_co_za?

    Update: How is this for service - After tweeting a photo of my box and mentioning the ring wasn't photographed because it didn't fit me, Celest from Glossybox responding asking me to send her my details so that she could send me a smaller size just for me.  Now that is unbelievable service!  Thank you so much Glossybox for seeing customer service as a priority.


    1. Sounds like a fab competition from 4flavour. But what are the flavours that you must choose from? :)

    2. Hi Chicara,

      I just had a look at the 4Flavour facebook account (I myself am not on facebook) and it's odd that they don't list the flavours. Looking on the postcard included in the box, I could make out these 4 flavours:

      1. Vanilla Ice cream
      2. Cotton Candy
      3. Chocolate
      4. Strawberry

      Hope this helps! :)

    3. Seriously??? This box is AWESOME! I really need to reconsider my subscription to one of the other services. (Also) Charlene :)

    4. Thanks so much Charlene! Loving your blog. :) x

    5. Hi Charlene W,

      I have to agree with you - so far it's really been tough for me to decide on which box to "settle" on. I can't keep up with all 3 boxes (I end up with too many product samples). So far, I think it's between Glossybox and Glambox....difficult to decide.

      Thanks for viewing my blog and leaving a comment :)


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