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    In January this year I joined a site called Beauty Bulletin, mainly because I was starting to get into following beauty blogs and happened to see the site mentioned on one such blog.  It wasn't long before I became somewhat addicted to the site and I found myself logging on at least once a day to see what products had been reviewed and to review a few of my own (by few I mean A LOT).  The site is more than just a site to review products, it is one that creates friendships and encourages members to interact with one another.

    When logging on one day and reading through the community chat board I saw that I had been selected as one on the VIP hamper review members and was sent a hamper to review.  My hamper contained 2 The Body Shop products and inside there was a little note encouraging members to create video reviews.  I had never done anything like that before but I thought there was no harm in trying.  So after summoning up an incredible amount of courage I attempted a video. I allowed myself 1 take and it was evident in the number of "umms" and slight pauses, but I was proud that I had done it and uploaded it to the website with no real expectations of it being watched.  At the time the site was running a few competitions and one competition was for video reviews.  I entered my video purely because it was a coincidence that it had met the requirements of the competition.  I had no grand illusions of ever winning so when I was announced as the winner I was floored!  The prize was for a R3000 beauty hamper, the biggest prize I have ever won.

    I went to collect my prize on Tuesday this week from the Beauty Bulletin offices in Sea Point.  I got to meet Kerri and Lori, who are co-founders of the site, as well as a few of the staff that keep the site up and running.  It was great to meet everyone and get to chat to them in person instead of online.

    Here are a few photos of some of the items in my hamper (I'll make sure to write more detailed posts on my favourite items in the coming weeks as I try the products out.).
    The hamper packed up and unpacked.

    Hugo Boss Femme; Elizabeth Arden Duo eye shadow; Chanel Chance body shimmer; Clarins eye shadow and eye liner
    Bobbi Brown eye palette; Mascaras; Close up of other products
    Cream eye shadows; Kangol Smoky eye palette; Inglot eye shadow; Mac Blush and eye shadow
    I LOVE the hamper and what makes it even more special to me is that the ladies at Beauty Bulletin knew what products I like (and what colours I mostly wear) and selected products that suited me.  This was such a wonderful touch that I seriously appreciated.  It means so much when a company takes a person into consideration and adds personal touches like this - in my case it definitely did not go unnoticed.

    PS. I don't have my video visible to everyone on YouTube.  If you'd like to view my video you can watch it on the Beauty Bulletin website.


    1. This package is freaking incredible! I would give my left leg for all these goodies. I am literally drooling while looking at all the stuff you received. ;) I love that perfume, one of my faves. All the MAC and Inglot stuff. So jealous. I have that Body shop eye shadow palette - it's awesome. :)

      Enjoy the prize. :) x

    2. Thanks Chicara. I am incredibly happy with the prize. It just goes to show that sometimes being brave pays off :) I do love the design of the Inglot eye shadows - will definitely have to pop into their store one day. I love that you can select a palette to your liking. I haven't tried The Body Shop palette yet - I was too overjoyed by the Bobbi Brown palette, it's AMAZING!

      I was wondering how you were doing because your blog has been a little quieter, but I saw you posted a post today. Hope you are well X

    3. I've been super busy with a deadline for work. So unfortunately my blog suffers. I will be posting a few reviews and other bits soon. :) x

      Oh my word, that Bobbi Brown palette is gorgeous. I only spotted it now. Haha.


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