• Eucerin pH5 Soft Skin

    Back in February I did a video review with Rubybox and Eucerin for the Eucerin pH5 Soft Skin body cream. The video has been out for a while now on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook but I thought I would share it on here.
    It was really out of my comfort zone and I felt very overwhelmed at first, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being in the studio, under the lights and speaking to the camera. It was fun.
    I have been using the body cream for a long while now. More recently my skin has been incredible sensitive and dry. It's been really difficult to treat it without causing more issues for myself. I find that traditional creams for dry skin are thick, which is great for locking in moisture but awful for my sensitive skin.  I find that a thick layer of product on my skin causes my body to overheat and then my skin itches like mad. It's really uncomfortable and even unbearable at times. Eucerin PH5 Soft Skin is light weight in formulation and does a great job of moisturing my skin. It spreads and absorbs easily which means you don't need too much of the product and once absorbed it is hardly even noticeable on your skin.

    The cream contains Citrate Buffer which restores and supports the skins pH as well as Dexpanthenol which has regenerative properties.

    A massive 450g tub costs around R140 and is available at Dischem and Clicks stores across the country.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

    PS. Here is a link to the Youtube video if you are struggling to view it on here: https://youtu.be/iTWLiPaUc9Q

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