• Dirtopia Wine Walk to Warwick

    This Saturday JP, Samantha and I headed out to Delvera for the Dirtopia Wine Walk to Warwick. We arrived around 8am for registration where coffee and muffins were served for breakfast. While registering you choose your lunch option and are given an armband which grants you access to the wine tasting at Warwick and secures your lunch when you get back to Delvera. Around 8:30am we excitedly headed out to the vineyards.
    The walk is approximately 6km long. The trail takes you around a circular route through the Delvera Wine Estate and then into Warwick Wine Estate. The first 4km route is really beautiful, walking though the vineyards and then through a wooded area (where there are some really great mountain bikes tracks). The walk isn't too strenuous and you can take your time. This walk is all about enjoying the scenery and you are encouraged to take your time.

    Arriving at Warwick Wine Estate, you are greeted with some cold water before diving into the wine tasting. The tasting area is under beautiful trees and with it being such a beautiful day, we spent almost 1 hour there, sipping on wine and getting caught up in conversation.
    There were four wines we tasted while at Warwick. While you are there you can purchase the wine and the Dirtopia staff will take it back to Delvera for you. The First Lady Unoaked Chardonnay was our favourite. It is said to go well with all meals and is definitely perfect for a hot day where you want something cool to sip on. The 2014 Trilogy Brodeaux blend was also really great - perfect for a Sunday roast or accompanying a steak. 

    We headed back to Delvera, which was a shorter, more direct route (approximately 2km long). Dirtopia made sure that all the lunches were ready so as soon as we arrived. I was so hungry and gobbled up my burger (you get a choice of chicken or beef burger with chips or side salad). Drinks and desserts are not included in the cost of your ticket, but the Dirtopia Cafe has a really good, reasonably priced menu to choose from.
    Overall, this was such a great outing. It was so good to get out of the typical Saturday morning of grocery shopping and admin. We all enjoyed it so much that we are planning to attend another one in the future. The next walk is on 27 January 2018. Unfortunately we'll be away then but there are walks every month so there are many more opportunities to do it.  Here is a link to the 2018 calendar if you are interested.

    Some extra information:
    Tickets cost R225 per person - includes the following:
    • Coffee and muffins upon arrival at registration
    • Hiking permit
    • Wine Tasting at Warwick
    • Lunch at Delvera's Dirtopia Cafe
    Kids tickers cost R150 where juice is served while the adults enjoy the wine.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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    1. Beautiful pics and great review. I can picture myself taking the walks and enjoying the beautiful weather and nature.


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