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    Before heading to Réunion I received two sunscreen products from SVR - it was perfect timing and Réunion  proved to be the best place to put them to the test. We used them while by the beach, pool, hiking to waterfalls and just in general while walking around the island.

    Sun Secure Brume SPF50+ Invisible Fresh Mist  (R435 for 200ml)
    Sun Secure Brume SPF50+ Invisible Fresh Mist

    This is an ultra-fine mist with a high protection from the sun. It is so easy to apply to your skin and doesn't even require you to rub it into your skin. It can also be applied directly onto wet skin so as soon as you get out of the sea or pool you can immediately spray some on your skin to ensure you are protected from the sun. It traveled everywhere with us on the island! While hiking I found this to be very refreshing when spraying it on my skin - it cooled me down and moisturised my skin.

    Sun Secure Blur SPF50+ Optical blur mousse cream (RSP: R250 for 50ml)
    Sun Secure Blur SPF50+ Optical blur mousse cream
    This was the perfect facial sunscreen! It blurs imperfections creating a beautifully even complexion and feels so great on the skin. It won't give you the coverage of a foundation but makes your natural skin look its best. It was great for hikes and while at the beach. While out and about both JP and I reapplied this throughout the day and over time, it didn't feel as if we had a thick layer on top of our skin. The sunscreen absorbs beautifully and is light-weight on your skin so you won't overheat and sweat because of it.

    These sunscreens protect agains UVB, UVA, visible light and infrared rays and is spcifically formulated for sensitive skin.  Water, sweat and rub-resistance formulas provides protection while you are enjoying the pool, beach or hiking. On top of this, it has a really beautiful summery scent that instantly transports me back to Réunion.

    One thing I really liked about both products is that they are so comfortable on your skin. Non-greasy and I found that they really helped not only protect my skin from the sun, but my skin looked great. The French really know how to create great skincare products.

    Other product information
    Sun Secure is FREE from these potentially harmful ingredients:
    1. Parabens / Mineral oils
    2. Octocrylene / Propylene glycol
    3. Benzophenone / Methyl benzoyl camphor
    You can buy SVR products from Clicks stores and is also available at beauty salons and doctors across the country.

    Big Hug,
    Charlene XXX

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