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    Since about October last year, I decided I needed to get active again. I didn't have a goal of losing a ton of weight or being a certain size, I just wanted to start moving again. Being unfit made me feel heavy and just so unwell in general. Obviously, with exercise comes sore muscles. I've tried a number of things to help with easing stiff, sore muscles but couldn't really find something that I really got good results with, without affecting my sensitive skin.  That was until I tried out this Athletic massage oil from SOiL.
    Massage Oil
    The ingredients of this massage oil all help treat overworked muscles.  The Arnica helps soothe bruised and sore muscles. The Rosemary and Black Pepper help promote circulation which release muscle tension and refreshes muscle tissue. This carrier oils penetrates your skin allowing the ingredients to enter your bloodstream within a few minutes.  As a massage oil, this works really well. It allows your hands to move easily across your skin without causing friction on your skin and warms up really nicely.

    What I specifically love about this oil is that you can actually use this as a body oil. The carrier oils (Soybean, Macadamia Nut, Hemp Seed, Sesame, Olive, Lavender and Clove) all nourish your skin and prevents dehydration - this preserves your skin's elasticity. After a shower, I massage this into the areas I have worked out, helping to sooth my tired / stiff muscles and moisturises my skin. The oil is easily absorbed into the skin leaving only a thin film on the skin's surface - this makes it comfortable to leave on.

    The fragrance of this oil is another reason why I love it. It has an almost perfume like quality to it. The rosemary, lavender and black pepper oils make more a warm, soothing scent that relaxes you - perfect for bedtime.

    A 100ml bottle cost me around R100 at Dischem. The bottle I have has a pump top, which I personally prefer to the other types of tops that you have to shake out. The bottle comes with different types of tops and each one varies a bit in price. I have been using this as I need it and the bottle is lasting me incredibly well. A few pumps is all you need to massage a large area. SOiL is stocked on a number of online stores - Faithful to Nature, Wellness Warehouse and they have their own online store (which is the cheapest price - R100).

    I am such a big fan of SOiL Organic products. Their bath oils in particular are a HUGE favourite of mine. For those of you who do not have water restrictions, my favourite is the Uplifting Coconut Bath Oil. Here is a link to a post I did on the Balancing Baobab Bath Oil. These oils give you a "at home spa experience".

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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