• Be back soon!

    It has been VERY quiet on my blog this month. To be honest, I have just not been in the mood to blog. It's not that I have given up on blogging, I've just been spending time on other things.
    JP and I are in the process of doing some home renovations - I spoke about this before - we are planning on redoing our kitchen and actually going to be re-tiling 90% of our house. The research and planning has taken up most of my free time so I just haven't gotten around to taking photos for posts. But we've bought out tiles and now just need to plan for a time to get the work done. On top of this, we are actually going to be making our own concrete counter tops - I was VERY reluctant but after a few trials we've found a colour and finish we both like. I'll definitely document the process and share the outcomes on the blog.

    I am also been trying to keep to a consistent exercise routine - so far so good (Kerry, you've really been helping to motivate me to keep at it!). If you are looking for some inspiration follow Kerry on Instagram - KanKerryGetFit.

    Despite being quiet on here, I am busy testing out a few products and really do hope to get around to photographing and writing up a post on the products soon.

    Oh and this weekend I will be at Kamers - I am thinking about filming my visit there but from the weather forecast, it looks like it will be raining so it might not work out. Will have to wait and see.

    Hope you all are having a good week!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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