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    Summer pretty much means most of my days at home are spent barefoot. This coupled with me trying to be more active has meant that I've needed to spend a bit more time looking after my feet. A few weeks ago I was sent two Pedi Relax foot creams to test out which is what I am going to cover in today's review. There is also a Giveaway at the end of the post so don't forget to scroll all the way down while reading.
    I am no stranger to Pedi Relax. I have previously used the Regenerative Cream (which I've bought numerous times from Dischem). The first time I came to know this brand was through a beauty subscription box. The Regenerative Cream comes in a 50 ml tube and costs R79.95. It contains Vitamin E (encourages skin healing), Vitamin F (reduces moisture loss and restores lipid barrier), Lavender (improves circultion and protects cell membranes) and Thyme (antiseptic, prevents secondary infection). I find this cream to be the perfect foot cream - it is light, non-greasy feeling and smells really good (not a typical foot cream scent). It's also very quick absorbing which means you can apply this before before slipping your sandals on. I personally prefer apply foot creams at night because it gives the cream enough time to do its work.

    The Pedi Relax Diabetic Foot Care Cream is new to me. Initially I wasn't sure if I would use it because I am not a diabetic, but after reading the ingredients I couldn't really see a reason why I couldn't benefit from it. It has Urea (helps your skin maintain moisture), Lactamide (lactic acid derived humectant which helps your skin retain moisture), Piroctane Olamine (inhibits fungal growth and prevents infection), Glycerine (humectant and moisturiser) and Butcher's Broom (improves circulation). This is a very effective foot cream that actively protects your skin against dehydration, impaired circulation and infection - all things diabetes suffers are prone to experiencing. I find this to be incredibly good after a workout. I definitely think that the Butcher's Broom extract has a big part to play in this. After working out my feet feel tired and ache, after a bath I rub this into my skin and it makes my feet feel so refreshed and less fatigued. My skin benefits from all the great ingredients which leaves them looking good after being put through hell. The foot cream is light-weight, non-greasy and absorbs quickly. A 100ml tune costs R99.95 and is available from Clicks and Dischem.
    Tip: Gently massage foot cream into your skin after a bath or shower and then wear a pair of socks. I find that the warmth from the socks helps my skin better absorb the cream. It also means I can walk around immediately without the fear of slipping or dirt sticking to your feet.

    Now for the fun part! The first giveaway for 2017! One lucky reader can win a 6 month's supply of both foot creams. To help manage entries, I'll use the Raffelcopter gadget, however I will be looking at my Instagram account too - so if you follow or like my post on there I'll add you to the database of entries.
    Terms and conditions:
    1. Winner will be selected by a random draw.
    2. Only open to South African residents.
    3. Winner will be notified on Sunday 5 February 2017 via Twitter or email (depending on the way you entered.
    4. The winner will have 48 hours in which to respond to the notification. Should no response be received a new winner will be drawn.
    5. The prize will be couriered so your full name, a day time delivery and contact number must be provided.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Always happy to try new products especially those that are proven to work…great review! My feet could do with some pampering.
      Email: meganhartwig@yahoo.com
      Twitter: @flutterbymegs

    2. Preganncy has been really harsh on my feet due to wearing flats and sandals mostly and also the hot summer weather. Looking forward to some pampering and refreshed, less fatigued feet!

    3. Just one more thing..the twitter handle for Pedi Relax SA is missing it's underscore in the Rafflecopter gadget x

    4. My feet are in dire need of some TLC! This would be fab to win.

    5. My feet are tired and damaged. Would Love to win this.
      Email : poo_zn@hotmail.com
      Titter username : _pooja_r

    6. Email : cornellbotha@gmail.com
      Twitter : @cornelli_

    7. Thanks for this informative post.

    8. I have really bad cracked heels and have tired so many products would love to give it a go

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