• Christmas time!

    I love this time of the year. Everything about it makes me so happy and I can't help but get swept up in all the Christmas cheer. I love the time spent with family and just winding down after a very long year.
    I usually kick off my celebrations 2 weeks before Christmas and really go all out.  I have Christmas themed things all over the place and I even have PJs and slippers. Last night JP and I had our first "special Sunday night suppers" which is usually us sitting on the floor eating our meal on the coffee table, followed by boardgames. It's nights like these that I love!
    JP hasn't always been too thrilled about Christmas time, he enjoys the time with family but isn't too concerned about the decorations, festive music and gifts.  But I think after 4 Christmases with me, he's slowly being converted. I came home to a cookie jar I spotted in Woolies which I really wanted but decided it wasn't really necessary.
    I am not going to be blogging too much over the Christmas period but I will be posting as often as I feel up to it.  As always, I will be sharing things on my social media accounts, I'm gee_whiskers on all platforms (except for Facebook).

    Hope you all enjoy the week ahead. At least it is a short week, I can't wait for the long weekend!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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