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    To end off the Exfoliator series I have chosen the Gatineau Radiance enhancing gommage, mild enzymatic exfoliator.  I was torn as to which exfoliator I should feature because my all time favourite exfoliator is Dermalogica's Thermafoliant, but its price makes it inaccessible to many people (R960 for 75ml). The Gatinue product costs R490 (75ml) which is somewhat more affordable and it works great.
    Type of Exfoliator: Enzymatic (some call these chemical) with no abrasive particles.
    What I like: 
    1. Look at it! It is freaking beautiful. The pearlescent orange gel gives it a gold appearance.
    2. Contains enzymes, AHA, vitamin A, C, E & F and Gatineau's light complex.
    3. Has a citrus smell.
    4. Works within 1 - 2 minutes and you are left with very smooth skin (apply it to dry skin and massage the gel across your skin until it become s liquid).
    5. I get a very smooth finish with no abrasive particles, means less skin damage.
    6. The vitamins helps treat your skin while the enzymes and AHA exfoliate your skin.
    What to keep in mind:
    1. You have to follow the instructions with enzymatic / chemical exfoliants. If you leave it on too long you can burn your skin and if you don't use it long enough, your skin won't be properly exfoliated.
    2. When you massage any products on your skin, always massage in an upwards motion - with ageing you don't want to pull or tug on your skin in a downwards motion.
    With all exfoliators, after you've exfoliated your skin it is very important to follow up with a face mask or at least a very good quality serum / face oil and moisturiser. I never exfoliate in the mornings because my skin can be a little bit red for a while and I don't want to layer makeup over my skin. If you do exfoliate in the mornings, definitely wear a very good sunblock.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

    PS. I realised that I never actually featured Dermalogica's Thermlfoliant on my blog before, It is a product I have purchased a few times with my own money. It is excellent at what it does! I won't go into too much detail in this post, but if you'd like to read up on it I'll leave a link here.

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