• Palladio Crushed Metallic Shadow

    On one of my trips to Dischem - the dangerous kind when you go there in the mood to shop - I spotted a box of very pretty eyeshoadows perched on a shelf. When I looked closer I was so in awe of what I saw and started swatching them immediately. It was only then that I stopped to actually read the box - Palladio Crushed Metallic Shadows.  After swatching a few colours I decided on two because there was no price on them and I didn't want to have a nasty surprise at the till.
    Stellar Supernova
    I chose two wintery colour and actually stepped a bit outside of my comfort zone by choosing a deep almost burgundy colour that has a slight bronzey shade to it.  It creates such a beautify warm shade that is perfect for Autumn and Winter.  I also decided to get a colour that is more "me" - Stellar.  Stellar gives you a beautiful wash of warm gold.
    Stellar Supernova
    These shadows are silky soft, creamy and highly pigmented.   They have amazing depth of colour and are seriously reflective.  What I like is that these are beautiful enough to wear alone or to combine together.  I took the swatches using only one swipe of my finger across each of the shadows - look how beautiful they are!
    Stellar Supernova
    When applied to your lids it is best to start off with a very fine first layer and then build up the colour.  If you are patient with it, you can build up a similar look to what I have in the photo above.  I do find that these shadows stay in place longer with a primer on your lids however you can simply apply them directly to your lids and the shadows last well throughout the day. When not used with a primer they do tend to transfer a bit off your lid and other the area above your crease.

    I tried to show this off properly on my eyes but really battled to photograph it. Here is a look I created using the two shades - I used Stellar in the inner corners of my eye and Supernova on the outer corners. I then blended the two together in the middle of my lid.  I also took Stellar under my lower waterline and smudged it a bit. I did the same with Supernova under but on my outer waterline.
    The Palladio Crushed Metallic Shadows are R99.95 each at Dischem.  When I consider how good these are, R100 does not seem much at all for these. You get great colour payoff and a shadow that lasts very well throughout the day.  Added to that, the shadow is so unique that it creates a beautiful look that is sure to draw attention.  I am actually considering getting a few more colours the next time I go to a Dischem - I just hope that there are still some in stock.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

    PS.  These are said to be Botanical and Vitamin Infused shadows containing Aloe, Chamile, Safflower, Camellia, Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng.  I copied the below from the Palladio website in case any of you are interested:

    • ALOE: astringent, hydrates, regenerates, rejuvenates, antibacterial
    • CASTOR OIL:  hydrates, repairs, strengthens
    • ARGAN OIL: hydrates, fights free radicals, regenerates
    • CHAMOMILE: calming, softening, anti-inflammatory
    • CAMELLIA: restores, antioxidant
    • SAFFLOWER SEED OIL: hydrating, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
    • BEESWAX: skin conditioning, soothing, softening
    • GINSENG: energizing, antioxidant
    • GINKGO BILOBA: antioxidant, helps improve blood flow
    • GREEN TEA EXTRACT: anti-aging properties, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-bacterial properties
    • JOJOBA OIL: anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, helps prevent fine lines
    • SHEA BUTTER: hydrates, restores skin’s elasticity, anti-inflammatory, hypoallergenic
    • ANTIOXIDANTS Vitamins A, C, D, E: increased collagen production, minimized fines lines and wrinkles


    1. I picked up Stellar a few months ago and oh my gosh, it's amazing. I swear, everytime I wear it, I get questions about it or compliments. So nice to see someone else loves it too.

    2. Wow, such lovely colours...I am so tempted to go to Dischem tomorrow!

    3. Oh my goodness Stellar is stunning and so so pigmented!

      XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

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