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    I am a big fan of online shopping. I find that I don't really like walking around the mall for hours looking for things - I think I have just outgrown it.  So when I get asked to test out websites I am always keen. Legwear Safari recently offered me a R500 voucher to test out their website and products.
    The website stocks a wide variety of legwear products - stockings, socks, legwarmers - as well as scarves and a few other products.  I bought a few stockings and some thick winter tights. The website is easy to browse and you can easily view the details of the products. I had so much fun looking through all the products and trying to choose a few things. Although this is a legwear store they also stock shapewear and scarves.

    I tried to photograph some of the stockings I bought but I am hopeless so I took some screenshots from the website to show you what I got.
    All the stockings are great quality and the products match those displayed on the website. I actually went to a store to get a pair of supermarket ones to compare - the supermarket one was R50 and the ones I bought from Legwear Safari were R79.  I did a comparison of the products and there is a visible difference in quality between the two, Legwear Safari's product was far better quality - the fabric had far more stretch and just felt stronger. The stockings had no imperfections and had a good fit. I bought a normal "cheap" pair as well and it isn't even close to being as good, in fact the one I got had slight starts of ladders forming when I hadn't even worn it yet.

    When it came to placing my order, the process was  simple and quick. Payment options include credit card and EFT.  Once I had placed my order I was continuously updated on the progress of my order - when it was received, packed and dispatched.  Customer service is very important to me when shopping online because a trust relationship is tough to build when you are just interacting with a website. For orders over R350 you get free delivery. If I haven't covered all the typical things here you can click here to visit their Frequently Asked Questions page.

    Overall I have been very impressed with the products and service I received from Legwear Safari.  I can highly recommend them especially if you are looking for some unique legwear. I went the safe route when ordering but there are truly some AMAZING pieces at various price points.

    Although the pictures all have pricey tights there are many products available for under R100 which means you can pick up a lot of good quality products without breaking the bank (click here to view the products).

    If you have any specific questions please leave a comment below and I'll happily answer them.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

    Disclaimer: Although I was offered a R500 voucher to test the store out, I was not given payment for this post. When Legwear Safari contacted me to test their website and service I explained how I work and that if I am not happy with the experience or the products I would not do a post on my blog. I have written this post because I was happy with the experience and quality of the products purchased.

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