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    Garnier sent me an amazing pressdrop and although I am not ready to do a review on all the products I wanted to give an update on the range I have been trying.  In that massive pressdrop I was sent, I decided to give The Sleek Restorer range a go.  Partly I chose this because of the ingredients (coconut oil & cocoa butter) and also because my hair is very dry at the moment.  This range is meant to give your hair a sleek, smooth look by moisturising your hair and taming frizz.

    First off all the products are super light weight and despite using all of the products while washing my hair, my hair hasn't felt or looked weighed down.  I have very fine hair that falls flat, so I can't afford to use products that weigh my hair down. So right off the bat I loved using these products.  Also, the scent while washing your hair...it is SO YUMMY! Even the hair mask looks and smells like pudding. Overall I have been rather impressed by these products - they are supermarket products so I didn't have high hopes for them - but they have pleasantly surprised me, enough to make it onto my blog.
    The Sleek Restorer Shampoo and Conditioner

    Let's start with the Shampoo (R40) and Conditioner (R40) as those are the two products most people always purchase.  One of the first things I noticed while testing these out is that they are paraben free.  Although these aren't sulphate free being paraben free does count in its favour. The shampoo is thick and has a beautiful gold colour. It does a good job of lifting dirt and oil out of your hair, leaving it very clean in a non-stripped way. A little goes a long way with these two products so these bottle will last you a good while. The conditioner spreads well and what is good is that you don't need almost half a bottle of it to condition your hair. These products are both good at what they do and when used alone they do give my hair an almost completely sleek finish. Oh and just something to note, the 400ml bottles are only R60 which means you get almost double the amount of product for only R20 more (I was sent the 250ml bottles).

    The biggest frizz causer, when it comes to my hair, is heat and humidity. This means that when I blow dry my hair I have some frizz so I do need a bit more than just a shampoo and conditioner to tame my hair.  This is where The Sleek Perfector Oil comes in.
    The Sleek Perfector Oil
    I use this on my towel dried hair as it has built in heat protection up to 230 degrees. The reason why this product is called a multi-use product is that there are so many ways you can use it. You can use it as a treatment before washing your hair. I have used it in this way and find that is helps nourish my hair, especially when my hair has been very dry. It can also be used as a pre-styling treatment to give you heat protection and also helps to give you a smooth finish. After blowdrying your hair, it can be used to tame flyaways and gives your hair a sleek look. It can also be used on days where your hair just needs a bit of taming or some shine.  We all know that Cape Town in winter means serious humidity and the rain causes my hair to curl and frizz - not in a good way at all - this product has definitely helped lessen the frizz because when I haven't used this oil I notice it immediately.  This is definitely one product I will be buying again once used up. Oh and just so you know, it smells amazing too! This costs R150 which is the most expensive product in the entire Garnier Ultimate Blends range however, this is totally worth it! Not only that but most hair serums and oils I have previous bought or been sent have costed more than double this one's price and definitely were not 150ml.  So 1 Rand per ml amazing value for a product that truly works.

    Lastly, The Sleek Restorer Balm (R70) is probably where the coconut oil and cocoa butter are most noticeable.  This balm looks and smells like a yummy pudding.
    The Sleek Restorer Balm
    Because it smells so good, it makes using this product a pleasure.  This is a hair mask and does a good job of giving your hair an intense, instant treatment. I use this on dry hair before washing it. I personally find that using any hair mask in this way weighs my hair down far less and also gives it a better treatment. I tend to stew in the bath for a long time - playing games on my iPad or watching YouTube videos, so while I am doing that I leave the mask in my hair to do its thing then wash my hair as per normal.  After using this I find that my hair feels super soft and is definitely very smooth. I use this about once a week because I although I have dry hair, one treatment once a week is more than enough, especially because I do use the conditioner and sleek protector when I wash my hair during the week.

    Overall I am so impressed with this range and it definitely has helped my hair. I was using another brand prior to receiving this pressdrop and it really just wasn't giving my hair the moisture it needed. So this range really saved my bacon and helped get my hair back into a good condition - which is saying a lot about an affordable, supermarket brand!

    PS. You can get this at most supermarkets, pharmacies and department stores. The best place though if you are looking to get a good deal, is to time your purchases when Clicks has their 3 for 2 specials.  In this way you can save a lot of money and earn Clicks points to use on future purchases. I am just sharing this because I like to get a good deal and I have noticed that Dischem is also starting to have these types of specials, so definitely keep a lookout for these.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Thanks for the heads up! Charlene, do you think this would work for people with oily hair? I have very thick, straight hair, and too much product tends to weigh it down, but it also gets dry in winter.

      1. If you keep the conditioner and hair mask off your roots and only use from you med lengths it should work well. Putting this on your root will cause your hair to be more oily. Hope this helps.


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