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    I have been debating whether or not I should write this post but decided to sit down and just write from the heart. Lately a lot of talk has been going on around the credibility of bloggers based on the content they create.  Without going into too much detail and making this an incredibly long post, the general feeling is that there are a lot of bloggers who are not being honest with regards to what they review (featuring mainly press drops and free products) and also not disclosing when the post is a sponsored one.
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    Reading all the tweets and sharing my own thoughts on the topic, it did make me take a look at my blog and what I do.  On my PR Information and About page a state that I only feature products I have liked and believe fulfill the claims made by the brands - this is because when I initially started blogging, I had such  thirst for creating content that I would write posts on everything and anything I could get my hands on.  I also did a fair amount of informative posts about products and specials stores had.  I really did not like where my blog was going and I forced myself to stop. Luckily this was quite soon into my blogging and I was able to put a stop to myself turning my blog into something I had not envisioned it to be.  My blog was started as a "beauty scrapbook" of sorts because I wanted to share the products I liked and enjoyed using.

    I have tried to be careful with the brands I choose to work with and I am fortunate that the PR companies I work with understand the way that I work.  I choose to not feature products I don't like nor ones that I feel made extraordinary claims but did not deliver on them.  So this means my blog only features products I like and will read as though everything I feature is amazing - because these are the things that I love.  When I started Gee Whiskers, my blog's tag line was "My space for simple, beautiful things" and I have mostly tried to keep to that...although not all the things I buy and feature are "simple".  

    Anyway, I don't really know where this post is heading, but I do believe I found sustainable happiness in my blogging by focusing on the things that made me happy and not comparing my blog to other blogs. It is so easy to question the worth of your blog and becoming disheartened by what you do when you are constantly looking at what others are doing.  The majority of bloggers I know work full time (as do I) so all the blogging we do is in our spare time and when you sacrifice your free time you want to be "rewarded" for it. The rewards are different for each blogger but ultimately, we are one in the same, in that we want our readers to like what we are doing.

    I purposefully choose to not lose sight of why I blog - I enjoy sharing the things I love - it is that simple. So although this post doesn't shed much insight into all of the debates going on, it has helped keep things in perspective for me and I hope that it reassures my readers of the content I create.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. I have always loved your blog Charlene - I followed it from pretty much the beginning I think and have enjoyed it since day one.
      I have never ever felt that you were dishonest for the purpose of a brand or for freebies, in fact, you are one of my go-to beauty girls because I trust and value your opinion.
      You just keep doing you :)

      1. Thank you so much Kerry. I just felt like I wanted to address these issues without adding any fuel to the fire. This is a very difficult topic to truly cover from all angles and perspectives - think it is more important to just reassure my readers (and myself) of why I blog. Sending you the biggest hugs XXX

    2. See that is why I value your reviews, because I know you are being 100% honest. I have had it time and time again, if you love it then I know I will. Whether it is intentional or not, your reviews are a godsend for those with sensitive skin!! So many amazing products that work beautifully on sensitive skin.

      1. I am so glad to hear. My skin care is tricky at times so I am glad I can help others by identifying products that work for me. Thanks for always supporting my blog XXX

    3. I loved this! You know my opinion on the whole saga. Also I think its so beautiful that you share what you love and keep your blog a happy place which is so true to the person you are! x


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