• SOil Organics Balancing Baobab Bath Oil

    One of my absolute favourite things about winter is a long, warm bath in the evenings. My bath time routine usually involves running a bath, pouring some bath oil into the tub and propping my iPad up for some YouTube watching. For a good few months now I have been using the SOil Organics bath oil in the scent of Balancing Baobab to help enhance my bath time experience.
    Balancing Baobab Bath Oil
    I think one of the things I love most about this bath oil is the fragrance. It is very much a "Spa like" scent that immediately just calms and mellows your mood.  It fills the bathroom but does not have an overpowering scent.  The bath oil contains Baobab oil which improves the skin's radiance and elasticity. It also contains Rose Geranium and Sandalwood which creates the amazing "spa like" fragrance I mentioned. This is honestly one of the most pleasing bath product scents I have ever smelled - I love it.  I think I've mentioned it enough times on my social media accounts to prove it!

    After a long day at work I need some time to escape and unwind - basically switch off from the world - and the way I do that is by escaping into a warm bath.  JP knows that is my time and leaves me stewing in the tub for as long as I need.  When you do that however, your skin takes a knock and needs a good moisturiser - but I find that when I use this bath oil, I don't need to apply a moisturiser at all on my skin. 

    While in the bath, the oil creates a film over your skin that is noticeable to the touch and remains on your skin the entire time. I can happily laze in the bath, watching my favourite YouTube channels and not worry about my skin at all.  So I bet you are wondering what it is like once you are out of the bath - when you get out the bath there is a film of oil on your skin but once you dry your body it does not feel oily at all. Your skin is noticeably moisturised and soft but not at all greasy.

    One of the true tests of this oil, to see if I would really like it, is how easy it would be to clean out of my drained bath. Other bath oils I have used created such a thick oily film over my whole bath that was incredibly difficult to get rid of.  This Soil bath oil does line the bath but is easily cleaned with some Handy Andy or other detergent.  What I do is keep a bottle of Mr Muscle in the bathroom and after each bath I just spray some across the bath surface. I always rinse the bath out after and before I use it, so in this way I always have a clean bath.  The detergent washes away quickly and takes the oil with it. So there is no elbow grease to get it loose.

    A 350ml bottle costs only R250 which is an absolute bargain to get such great ingredients in a massive bottle. My bottle has lasted me many months, although I don't bath much in summer, in winter I add some to my bath every night.  If you'd like to get your hands on this, it is available online from the SOil website but there are many stockists around the country that sell the SOil range - here is a link to the stockist page. I will most definitely be purchasing another bottle of this once mine is finished, in fact I am browsing the website and have my eye on a few things. Everything is so reasonably priced so you can get some really great products without breaking the bank.

    Big Hugs.
    Charlene XXX

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