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    I really love receiving products to test out and when I get new hair care tools to try out I get especially excited.  Vidal Sassoon contacted me a few weeks ago to test out a hair care tool from their Infra Radiance line. I really struggled to choose a product from the range which contains an Infra Radiance Straightener, Infra Radiance Curler, Infra Radiance Hot Hair Styler and Infra Radiance Diffuser Dryer (you can see the full range of product on the Vidal Sassoon website). I have fine hair that naturally falls very straight so I decided to go with the hairdryer because I know that is something I can truly test out properly and would ultimately get the most use from it.
    Infra Radiance Diffuser Dryer
    First off, this hairdryer is very cool! I love the look of it, especially when you use it as there is a light on the end, giving it a flaming look which is definitely in-keeping with the Infra Radiance theme.  The hairdryer uses infrared technology to evenly deliver heat to your hair and this means that it protects your hair's natural moisture balance.  It also promised faster drying time which leaves you with hair that feels softer and looks smoother.  I tested this out and can confirm these claims - it passes all my tests with flying colours.

    Let's quickly cover the specs of this hairdryer. It has 2000 watts of power which is fantastic for a hairdryer in its price range (around R240), the cord is a really generous 2.5m, it has two speed settings, 2 heat settings, a cooling trigger and also comes with a diffuser and concentrator nozzle. The handle has a rubbery feel to it which makes it easy to grip. This hairdyer looks and feels expensive.

    Because my hair is fine, it dries quickly with most hairdryers. With my usual hairdryer I spend around 7 minutes drying my hair. Compared to the Vidal Sassoon one, I am done in 3 minutes flat!  That is when I dry my hair my usual way, where I lean forward and dry my hair upside down - no purposeful styling with a brush. Drying this way does mean that my hair isn't always smooth and at times I do get flyaways, but with this hairdryer it definitely is far less.

    I have switched to only using this hairdryer since getting it and I have noticed that my hair looks in far better condition. It also frizzes less in general. I think the protection factor of this hairdryer is definitely becoming evident, which makes me very happy.

    Vidal Sassoon products are available at Clicks and they often have discounts on the products.  I can definitely recommend this hairdryer for those of you looking for one. Not only is this a great quality product but it is so affordable.  I am so happy with the way this works that I have abandoned my normal hairdryer which cost me more that double the cost of the Infra Radiance Diffuser Dryer.

    Below is a video of a few videos I shared on Snapchat while testing out the product before writing this review. The quality is therefore not great but gives you an idea of my first impressions of the product.
    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

    PS. I shared my first impressions on Snapchat when I first got this and did some reviews as well. I am doing this more and more with the products I am sent or purchase.  Follow me if you'd like to stay in the loop.  My username is gee_whiskers on all social media platforms.


    1. Great post Charlene! Loved your snaps about this!

      Cassidy xXx

      1. Thank you so much Cassidy! I really want to get back in to doing these types of posts again but I just can't seem to find the time. So that is why I am trying to do some reviews on Snapchat. Big Hugs XXX

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