• Things I am loving | Part 3

    When it comes to my home, one thing I love is to make it cozy using scented candles. I light candles to reflect the mood I am in or to actually alter it.  When I feel sad I light warm, comforting scents like vanilla, marshmallows or any kind of baked goods.  Recently I managed to find a Wood Wicks candle at the Willowbridge Trendiy store.
    Wood Wicks Vanilla Bean Caramel and Biscotti Candles
    The thing that makes this candle unique is that the wick is a piece of wood. When lit the wood crackles and creates such a soothing atmosphere.  Another great thing about this candle is that it has three different scents in one jar. As you burn through the layers the scents are revealed. I think it will be very interesting when you burn through a layer and hit the point where the two layers meet. Vanilla Bean and Caramel sounds so yummy as does Caramel Biscotti. I can't want to explore these fragrances.
    Wood Wicks Vanilla Bean Caramel and Biscotti Candles
    The candle burns well and within 5 minutes of lighting the wick, the room starts to fill with the fragrance.  When you burn it for the recommended 3 - 4 hours the fragrance lingers for a long time after blowing it out. This is definitely is a candle of high quality that is worth its price.

    I have a lot of Yankee Candles and am a big fan of them, but I have really grown fond of this Wood Wicks candle and will most definitely get another one.  I paid R249 for my jar and a follower on my Instagram mentioned that she saw these at Palmyra Junction for over R300. Having not known the other price before buying, I thought is was reasonable to pay R249 for a candle this size because a medium Yankee Candle costs R299 from the store I go to when I feel like getting a new candle.

    I don't mind splurging on candles because I use them in an emotional way and I believe they help my overall wellbeing.  Luckily JP also likes it when I light a candle so it is something I can share with him.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Loved reading about this candle on your instagram! Also a huge fan of candles so this one sounds amazing! xXx

      1. JP and I are both loving this candle and I have it going at least 2 -3 times a week. I definitely want to go get another one of these candles.


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