• 1 Year Later

    Today is JP and my first wedding anniversary. I know people always say this, but I truly can't believe how quickly the year has flown. Married life has been very good to me and as I look back on JP and my journey so far, I can't help but get excited for all that we still have ahead of us.
    It is not easy trying to describe what married life is like and I mean that in the best way possible. Starting and ending the day with the person you love next to you is a privilege and something I don't take for granted.
    I look forward to MANY more years with JP. If our first year is anything to go by, I think we are in for a very beautiful life together.
    JP, I love you with all that I have to give.  Thank you for coming into my life and making me the happiest I have ever been. You are such an incredible man and I am so proud to call you my husband.


    1. One year already!? Feels like just the other day I was awing over your wedding pics on Instagram. Congrats you two. I hope you have many more love filled years ahead!

    2. Happy anniversary you two!

    3. Oh wow can't believe a year has flown by already!! Congrats guys!

      Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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