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    I recently received two really fantastic press drops from Nivea and today I am going to share the first drop I received, facial care products from the Perfect & Radiant range.
    This range has been specifically designed to meet the skincare needs of African skin types by targeting skin discolourations to help improve the overall complexion of the skin. Nivea’s Eventone Pure Active technology and Vitamin e helps restore skin cells and reduce the appearance of dark spots.

    Nivea’s Eventone Pure Active contains Licorice Root extract and Vitamin C derivatives. These ingredients work together to reduce tyrosinase activity – reduces melanin production thus reducing the appearance of dark spots and overtime also preventing more dark spots from occurring.

    Now it is very obvious that I do not have a dark skin tone, however, the sun does cause pigmentation within my skin so even though this range is not specifically marketed to my fair skin type, it is a product I can use (and have been using) with great results.

    When I first started using the products the first thing that struck me was how good these all smell. The scent is so pleasant that even JP has commented on how good I smell when I have used the cleanser and moisturiser. The Cleansing Foam (R59.99 for 100ml) is the type of cleanser that I LOVE – it is thick and foams to a creamy consistency that deeply cleanses the skin without stripping your skin off too much moisture. The cleanser is available for All Skin Types and Oily / Combination Skin Types. They Oily / Combination Cleanser (R79.99 for 150ml) contains White Clay to help breakdown and remove the excess oil from your skin and deeply cleans out pores – great from removing blackheads. I use this wash twice a week to help keep my pores clear, so even though I have dry skin, this is good to use to supplement my skin care routine.

    The moisturisers smell equally as good as the cleansers which makes them such a treat to apply to your skin. The night cream (R79.99 for 50ml) contains Vitamin B5 which works overnight to help regenerate skin cells. The day cream (R79.99 for 50ml) contain SPF to help with sun protect and the prevention of dark spots. I have been using the products for all skin types and loving them. The pigmentation spots that I have across my nose and cheeks do seem to be a little lighter, but the true test will come in summer when my freckles become more noticeable across that area. Because I have dry skin I have not been using the Light Moisturiser (R79.99 for 50ml) but the consistency is light and perfect for those who are worried about a heavy, oily product on their skin.

    Overall I have really enjoyed using these products. I love companies like Nivea that has made products that are effective and affordable for all to use.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Ive started recently using the night cream n the cleansing foam for two weeks yoh but I'm loving my skin ,HV a very dry skin and uneven skin tone I'm 37 my skin is flawless will definitely continue using this range love love love it thanks to nivea

    2. i have 2 wks usinģ ds product my skin has become dry and itchy more ringworms should i continue using it

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