I did a post a few weeks back about the new Tangle Teezer Blow Styler (click here to read it). Well I finally bought one for myself and I am so happy I did!
    It it very different from the traditional Tangle Teezers in that the brush's bristles are not flexible and the shape of them is also very different.  I think it is actually made very evident on the Tangle Teezer website not to expect the same when they use the word "teeth" to describe the bristles.  For this post I will however be calling them bristles because teeth makes the brush sound like it is going to "eat" your hair and I get nasty images of the brush getting caught in my hair...maybe it is just me. 

    The design of the bristles are such that they allow for free-flow tension which means there is no pulling or tugging on your hair. They also claim that blow-dry time is reduced because the excess moisture is removed from the hair shaft - I was rather sceptical of this claim but the brush has almost halved the time that it takes to blow dry my hair. My hair is also less frizzy and actually has some volume...a lot to say for my very thin, fine hair.

    I purchased the full size paddle, that is meant for long hair. But I honestly think the half paddle would've been better for me because I have such fine hair. The full paddle is great but a bit too excessive for my hair despite the fact that it is so long. The brush is really massive but very light weight and so easy to use.  I am very happy with my purchase and enjoy using it.

    I paid R399 for my full paddle brush, which I have only seen on the Retail Box website. The half paddle costs R370 and is said to be perfect for short to medium length hair. I am happy to pay these prices for Tangle Teezer because I know I the products are great and last a very long time.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

    PS. My sister recently bought me a new Compact Tangle Teezer (I literally have a showcase of their products- Original, Salon Elite, Flower Pot, Compact, Shower and now the Blow Styler).
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    1. Haven't seen this one before - looks awesome

      Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

      1. Well worth getting - but I suggest the half paddle. :)

    2. I really love mine too, and I agree with you 100% about the full paddle / half paddle thing. I also have the full paddle and I (secretly) wish that I had bought the half paddle.
      i'm not really getting much volume on the top of my head, I still use my normal blowdry brush for that, maybe I'm doing something wrong?!
      Have to say that I've barely used my straightner since I bought this, I really like the finishing more than what my straightner can provide. So glad you like it too! xx

      1. I get volume by blowing my hair leaning forward and using this brush I actually get lasting volume for some reason. My husband even asked me the other night if I straightened my hair when I only used the brush while blowdrying my hair. It's a really fantastic brush - so glad I bought it.


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