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    I only ever used to watch music videos on YouTube, I honestly never really knew what great content there was on YouTube until I moved in with JP. We don't have DSTV (by choice) so I one day decided to actually explore YouTube - boy oh boy it opened up a new world for me. To keep this post short I am only going to share my top 4 favourite YouTubers and also share 2 of my favourite local YouTube channels to watch.
    1. Essie Button - I adore everything about Essie's channel. She is so much fun to watch and the fact that her dog is a big part of her life also makes me like her even more. She is easy to relate to and has a good mix of beauty and fashion on your channel

    2. Ingrid Nielsen - This lady just makes me smile. She has such an infectious personality - the type of person I just want to give a big, giant hug to. I love her mix of beauty, fashion and decor vlogs. She also has a more person channel that is mostly about her take on life called TheGridMonster.

    3. Michelle Phan - Michelle is one of the first YouTubers I followed, back when I fist started blogging actually. I still love watching her makeup tutorials and vlogs on life. What I love about Michelle, is that she is in a position where she doesn't really need to be vlogging any more - she has her own makeup line, is the CEO of 3 different companies and makes a ton of cash - yet she still makes content for her subscribers. She's one of those people you look at in awe.

    4. Lisa Eldridge - Whenever I need to learn something about makeup or a how to apply a makeup product I immediately go hunting on Lisa' channel. She is a makeup artist to many celebrities and also the creative director of Lancome - yet she still makes videos for her channel. Her tutorials are fantastic for those who want to learn how to use makeup or need a look for a special event they are going to. Her videos are relatable and focused purely on the application of makeup.

    Local Vloggers to follow:
    I subscribe to a few local Channels but these two are at the top of my list because they create consistently great videos and post quite regularly.

    1. Pink Peonies Blog - Luzanne creates top-notch makeup tutorial videos and her backgrounds when filming are always pleasing on the eye. To me her videos are of an international standard and all the hard work she puts into her videos is very evident.

    2. Cara-Fey - Cara is just such a ball of energy. I am fortunate that we were brought together with the Bloggers Who Bless group and I have really loved our group chats on Whatsapp. Her videos are always fun to watch and cover such a great variety of things. Her "short story" type videos are really fantastic! Seriously, go visit her channel now to see.

    --Post Update--
    Although this post wasn't meant to be a fully comprehensive list of vlogs I had to update the post to include Lipgloss Kisses because it is one of my all time favourite beauty blogs. Chicara was also one of the catalysts to me starting my own blog - so please pop over to her YouTube channel and give her videos some love.

    3. Lipgloss Kisses - Chicara's blog is one of the first beauty blogs that I followed and I somehow missed that she started filming vlogs more regularly (even though I am subscribed to her channel). Chicara's likes and loves are quite similar to mine so I feel like her videos are directly speaking to me.

    If you know of any other channels I should be following let me know in the comments below.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. These are such great youtubers !! I love Michelle

      Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    2. Thank you so, so much for including me in this list, Charlene. I really appreciate it so much. Sending you lots of love and a big hug from Centurion! xox

      1. Pleaure Luzanne, thank you for making such great videos for all of us XXX

    3. We have also decided not to go the DSTV route. Glad we're not the only ones! Usually when people find out we don't have DSTV they look at us like we are cave men ;-)

      I absolutely LOVE YouTube!!! To be honest, I'm addicted!!!! Here are a list of my faves in case you want to add any more to your subscription box! They all also have blogs as well which I enjoy checking out too.


      Fleur De Force
      Lily Pebbles
      Vivianna Does Make-up
      Glam Life Guru / Tati
      Caroline Hirons
      In The Frow
      Make-up By Tiffany
      Not Another Poppie (local)
      Vanilla Blonde (local - Bailey Schnider - doesn't post very regularly but her blog is awesome!)
      Rachael Talbott

      1. Thank you so much for coming back to leave a comment after your other one seems to vanish! Thank you for the list - can't wait to get home, grab my ipad and lie infront of the fireplace while watching these :D XXX

    4. I also haven't fully ventured into the YouTube world, and only stick close to home. So i have to agree with Cara Fay being on the list as I watch her videos... Now I'll have to check out the others on your list too!
      Rushda xx

    5. I also love Michelle, Luzanne, and Chicara. They make such informative vlogs that keep drawing me back to watch their videos each time.
      Thanks for sharing,
      The Glam Unicorn | Beauty Blog


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