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    I am actually struggling to write this post today because I have been sick the whole of this week - the nasty kind of flu where your head feels so congested that your eyeballs are going to pop out...anyway, I forced myself to think of exciting things I have coming up. The biggest thing being my very first trip overseas.
    We are going to Copenhagen (Denmark) because JP's team qualified to compete at the CrossFit Meridian Regionals there. JP and I used that as an excuse to take a "little" holiday so we'll spend an extra week exploring Copenhagen after the competition. I am really excited and looking forward to seeing a whole new place that is filled with things I've never experienced before. I think the most shocking thing is that I haven't made any beauty shopping lists - I've decided that I'll rather spend my time (and money) seeing all the tourist attractions and doing things rather than spending time in malls.

    I have created a new Twitter and Instagram account to not spam my current followers with tweets and photos they are interested in. So if you are interested you can follow me on those accounts to keep up to date - on both platforms is is SeiniTravels (for those of you who don't know, after I got married my surname changed from Smith to Seini).

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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    1. OMG that sounds amazing - can't wait to say all pictures of places you going to



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