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    Over the past few weeks I have been using the Oceanic Age Technology Ultra Hydration day and night cream.  I received the Night cream from Glamore Cosmetics to test out and liked it so much that I ordered the Anti-wrinkle Moisturising 24h Cream to use in the mornings.
    Anti-wrinkle Moisturising 24h Cream (R230 for 50ml)
    This is a thick, creamy moisturiser that is aimed at moisturising dehydrated skin while having anti-wrinkle benefits. The cream contains Hyaluronic acid and Durvillea antartica algae extract which provides long lasting hydration while restoring the skin's smoothness and reduces the appearance of fine lines.  There is also Canola Oil that soothes the skin with its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.  Glycerin protects the skin from excessive dryness. The cream contains UVA and UVB filters. Even though the moisturiser is thick, it absorbs well into the skin and doesn't leave you with any shine or greasy feeling. Throughout the day my skin feels great and doesn't go oily (Click here to buy).

    Nourishing and Moisturising Night Cream (R230 for 50ml)
    As with the 24h cream, the night cream is thick and deeply moisturising. After the very first night of using this moisturiser I noticed a big improvement in the dryness of my skin. Usually when I wake up the products I applied to my skin aren't noticeable and my skin feels a bit dry. With this moisturiser, my skin is not tight at all in the morning and when I wash my face I can feel the hydrating barrier left on my skin.  Even though there is a layer on my skin, it is not noticeable when I touch my skin (Click here to buy).

    Both of these moisturisers provide intense hydration and with continued use, you will notice a dramatic improvement in the hydration of your skin. I am very fussy when it comes to skin care and I have to say, I am seriously impressed with these creams - that is why I bought the day cream. At R230 each, they are affordable and good value for money. Oceanic skincare is made specifically for people who battle with allergies and have sensitive skin.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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