• Be Back Soon!

    As you know, I am not really one to take blogging breaks often but I am going to be on holiday next week and made a decision not to kill myself trying to get posts scheduled for the week that I am away. Work has been very busy and I have just been so tired lately that it's a bit of a struggle to get posts scheduled in advance.  I really love blogging but I do think it is important that I have a bit of proper down time to just relax and unwind.
    I have been VERY slack this year with my Blog Birthday (it turned 3 this month) and my Birthday (which is on Monday!), I usually do a lot of blog giveaways in April but I just haven't gotten around to organising nice prizes. But I do have something exciting happening at the end of May (another trip) which will allow me to get my hands on products we don't get here. So I decided to rather postpone my combined birthday giveaway to bring you something extra special.

    Hope you all enjoy the long weekends ahead and the short week next week. I'll be back in the beginning of May. Until then....

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


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