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    I first spotted Why Jewellery on In My Bag (a wonderful blog you have to visit if you haven't already) and it immediately made my eyes widen. I feel like a magpie when I browse their website. Why Jewellery is backed by internationally acclaimed jewellery designer Uwe Koetter. The Why brand is dedicated to offering the young adult market with jewellery that is of high quality, on-trend and affordable. All the jewellery comes in the option of Silver, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold and White Gold. The gold pieces are made with Sterling Silver and then plated with gold, hence the cheaper price tag. Here are a few pieces I personally love.
    Heart Collection Diamond Ring R2000 Buy Here
    Round Leaf Collection Rose Quarts Ring R3000 Buy Here
    Crown Collection Diamond Stud Earrings - R1200 Buy Here
    Infinity Hear Collection Diamond Bracelet - R600 Buy Here
    I think for my Birthday I am definitely going to choose a piece of jewellery - April's Birth Stone is a Diamond and my star sign, Taurus' stone is Rose Quarts, so that is why I chose the two rings above. I however also love this Amethyst cocktail ring.
    Big Oval Scallop Collection Amethyst Ring - R3000 (Buy Here)
    There are SO MANY great pieces that it is difficult to only show a few but I didn't want the post to be too picture heavy - best you go visit their website to see all the pieces on offer.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

    PS. Follow Why Jewellery on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


    1. I have also recently heard of them via various blogs, LOVE their work!!

    2. These are beautiful!!! Especially the heart ring..

      Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    3. Oh wow!
      There is some amazing items on the website. Will be adding to my wish list.

    4. Oh wow!
      There is some amazing items on the website. Will be adding to my wish list.


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