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    One thing I really love is going away with JP to places that are near enough to home for 2 day trips (where you don't have to spend too many hours in a car). Recently I spotted a deal on Daddy's Deals for a stay at Riebeek Valley Hotel. We were lucky that they had rooms available for us to spend 2 days away during our week off at the end of December.  I have heard so many great things about the Riebeek Valley and was thrilled that we'd get to go there.

    We arrived the first day to temperatures hovering over 30 degrees the entire afternoon so we spent about 4 hours next to the hotel's wetland swimming pool that looks like a pond (it even has fishes and frogs swimming around with you). If you stand very still for long enough the fishes come and nibble on your toes.
    Riebeek Valley
    On the second day we went exploring Riebeek Kasteel. First stop was The Olive Boutique - I am not fond of olives but loved their selection of body products - I bought a body oil as well as a hair and scalp treatment oil, JP walked away with a 1kg bucket of olives (yucky :P). We then headed down to the main square in Riebeek Kasteel. The town is very charming with a main street after every woman's heart. It is full of decor and gift shops selling unique items. I especially loved the antique shop, Crystal and Twine. It has a mix of old and new decor item and gifts. I also had to visit Still Pure's factory shop. I love their soaps so I used the opportunity to try out a few other products. Decided to buy a body wash made of olive oils and other essential oils, shaving oil and an anti-ageing recovery balm.
    Riebeek Valley
    Along our walk we stopped at Le P'tit Chocolat - they sell gelato and chocolate truffles that taste amazing (R40 for 100g of truffles and R15 for a scoop of gelato). We explored lots of other little decor stores and then decided to go wine tasting at Allesverloren - they make dry red wines (not my favourite) but I loved the views over the valley. We also had lunch while we were there and ended the day off next to the hotel's swimming pool again.

    Overall, I really had a great time and enjoyed the quietness of the little towns of Riebeek Wes and Riebeek Kasteel. Those looking for a night away to relax, this is the perfect little escape.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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    1. I simply adore discovering quant places like this. SA has so many unique places to explore!

      XoXo One Stiletto At A Time


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