• Wedding Update - 2 weeks to go!

    It is officially 2 weeks to my wedding day! JP and I have been quite fortunate that planning our wedding has been rather easy and pain-free. I haven't been sharing a lot about my wedding because I thought people weren't all that interested but I have been asked to share a few details so I thought I'd share the happenings of this past weekend.

    My weekend started off with me finding sweet pea flowers - my absolute favourite flowers!
    Saturday we headed to our wedding venue to finalise a few last details. To our surprise a wedding was happening that afternoon and there were chairs where we will be getting married. It just really hit home for us that very soon things would be set up for our wedding and it made us super excited for our own wedding.
    Photo taken by Samantha Smith (@Smigal89)
    That evening Samantha (my sister) and I did our nails because JP and I were going to have our couple's photoshoot to help "prepare" us for our wedding photos. We didn't have an official engagement shoot when we got engaged so this was a treat for us to get some engagement photos in. I decided to paint my nails in Zoya's Godiva because it perfectly compliments my dark purple dress.
    Sunday I had my hair cut and styled at StyleBar in Tyger Valley Mall in preparation for a couple's photoshoot that afternoon in Stellenbosch. I had layers done and my stylist, Claudia, curled my hair. I really love what she did but didn't really get a chance to take photos - however the photoshoot will have many pictures for me to choose from and then I'll be able to do the proper reveal. I did my own makeup for the shoot and decided to stick with a purple theme (my favourite colour).
    I like the look of this makeup and it's something I am considering sticking to for my wedding - it just feels "happy". I will have to wait and see how I feel on the day and give my makeup artist some direction.

    JP and I can't wait to see the photos from the shoot. The photographer we chose is Alexandra Graham. I first came across Alexandra's work when we started following each other on Twitter. When the time came to choose a photographer I immediately thought of her. I am so pleased with how she knows what JP and I are looking for in our photos and is so supportive of our ideas. As soon as I get some photos from the shoot I'll share some on my blog (Click here to visit her website).

    After the wedding I'll definitely share some details of the day and why I chose to do what I did - it isn't going to be a "traditional wedding" at all - a very small, relaxed garden wedding followed by a luncheon - no assigned seating, no speeches, no real formalities. JP and I want our wedding day to be completely relaxed and filled with love.

    I hope you all have a fantastic week.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. You look so beautiful!! Goodluck with the wedding!!

      Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    2. I'm so excited for you!
      You look so pretty <3


    3. You are going to make such a beautiful bride, Charlene! :)

      We also had a type of 'non-traditional' wedding and it was perfect! Can't wait to see photos of the shoot & wedding & honeymoon! xox

      Aaaaah! I still need to get my hands on Godiva, I've wanted it for soooo long but Zoya SA never has stock.

      Luzanne | Pink Peonies Blog | www.pinkpeonies.co.za


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