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    As promised yesterday, today I am sharing my Essence Halloween Makeup look. My inspiration was what I like to call "Midnight Spider" look. The challenge was to create a look using Essence makeup to the value of R100! This is the makeup I was sent to create my look:
    I am by no means a good makeup artist and this was quite a challenge for me, but I played around with my look and this was what I came up with.

    It was really tough getting the spider webs right and I tried quite a few times until I decided that it doesn't need to be perfect - it's something that is fun, easy to do. So this is how I created the look:

    1. I started off by lining the top and bottom of my eyelids with the essence eyeliner pen and I took the line all the way up the out to create the first line for my spider web.
    2. I then continued to add the spider webs and connected them using the essence eyeliner pen. Once I was happy with the webs I covered my lids in the Pop eye shimmer mono eyeshadow (a smokey black colour). I blended this colour all the way up to my brow bone. 
    3. To help the spider webs stand out I decided to add in some colour in between.  I used the Disco Diva mono eyeshadow  to create a more "moody look" and the Pop eye was uesed to add some smokey-ness to the look. I blended the purple eyeshadow over my cheeks because it gave my cheeks a bit of colour and also helped to blend the look into the rest of the face.
    4. Once I was done with that I used the Essence Crystal Eyeliner to outline the spider webs just to make them sparkle more in lighting and also added the glitter to my inner eyelids.
    5. My lips - this was quite an experiment for me. I used the lipgloss as a base and then added the Disco Dive eyeshadow on my lips. I added the silver and purple crystal eyeliner in the centre of my bottom lip to add some shine and dimension to my lips.
    6. I coated my lashes with Essence multi action mascara to add volume, curl and lengthen my lashes. 
    7. To finish off the look I applied Essence Frame fame glamour lashes. This was the first time I have ever worn lashes and I found this so simple and easy to apply. What is also great is that they are easy to remove and I can use them again.
    Don't forget to enter the Essence Giveaway to win one of two R500 Essence hampers. To make it simple I'll add the Raffelcopter gadget to this post as well. 
    a Rafflecopter giveaway 
    Please feel free to share your Halloween looks with me - I would really love to see them.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. :) Awesome Comp twitter handle -@invisable_ct

    2. Love this look, think I will do something similar on Friday!

    3. That looks really cute :) @piecesinpink

    4. purple is def your colour, love this lip on you!

    5. You look amazing wow :) @sophiasheikadam

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    7. This is probably one of the better Essence Halloween looks so far! I would definitely try this one ;) Love the web eyes! :) kirstensmith24@gmail.com / @KirstenSmith24

    8. Looking absolutely Amazing hun!! xoxo @malieappleton or amalia.appleton@gmail.com

    9. So creative - Looks flipping awesome! @kinkichikn kinkichikn@gmail.com

    10. What a cool competition :) love your blog!


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