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    Today I thought I would share a Morgan Taylor colour that I recently bought for my sister, Samantha. When I ask Samantha to choose a nail polish it is always interesting to see what she'll go for, because she does wear a lot wider variety of colours than I do. It is always fun for me to be able to share what my sister likes to wear because it brings a bit more variety into my Manicure Monday posts.  The shade Sam chose is "Make a Statement" and I can definitely see why it was given that name.
    Make a Statement
    It is a mix of blue and purple glitter particles all of the same size and shape.  You get opaque coverage in just two coats.  Sam said the drying time was quite quick for a glitter nail polish. I personally like to apply a top coat to my glitter manicure because it makes the glitter feel less rough on my nails, but Sam says she gets better wear out of it without a top coat on. It is something I am going to give a try.

    We picked this up at Dischem for R99.95 but as I mentioned before there quite a number of stockists of Morgan Taylor now, which I think is fantastic (Sorbet Salons, Takealot, Rubybox and RetailBox to name a few).

    Hope you all have a bright week ahead!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

    PS. Thank you Samantha for sharing your manicure! You can follow my sister on Instagram and Twitter if you'd like to see more of her manicures. She takes great photos of many different things.

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