• Letibalm Repair Balm for Nose and Lips

    I have recently just overcome 2 fights with flu and I was actually so fortunate that it coincided with a Letibalm parcel that was sent to me. I am the type of person that hates having a red, dry, chapped nose and tend to prefer to sniff than look like Rudolph (sorry to all the people around me). I have actually carried a specific lipbalm around with me that I only used for my nose so I was thrilled to see that there is actually a product developed for this purpose.
    Sinu Salts
    The Letibalms are repair balms specifically formulated to treat the nose and lip area in order toreduce the redness and dry skin associated with having to wipe your nose a lot. It also helps to treat skin that is exposed to cold, wind and sun. I am a big fan of multi-purpose products, especially balms because they can be used anywhere on your body where you struggle with dry or damaged skin. I have used my balms to treat the skin around my nose, repair chapped lips, moisturise dry patches on my body and even help ease the sting of a small tear in my cuticle.

    The balm has a really pleasant fragrance which makes it a treat to use and because it contains menthol and camphor it also helps to relieve a blocked nose. Although it contains menthol it doesn’t have a strong menthol scent, to me it has a sweet rose like fragrance with the refreshing menthol feeling on your lips / skin.

    The balm comes in a tiny tub and is also available in a tube. I am not a huge fan of dipping my finger into lip products because I hate the greasy texture on my fingers, but this balm absorbs so well into the skin that I use one of the tubs purely for treating my cuticles and hands now.

    My tips: 
    • Wash your hands before applying the product, to make sure that the balm stays clean inside the tub. 
    • Don’t double dip – use a different finger if you need more balm when applying the product. This will ensure the balm is clean.
    • Rub the excess balm into areas that are dry.
    These fantastic balms are available at Dischem, selected Pick ‘n Pays and leading pharmacies.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

    PS. I also received a nasal spray to help with my stuffy nose. I hardly ever use nose sprays because I hate the bitter taste that it gives me as it runs down the back of my throat (sorry for the TMI) but because I was sent this I thought I would give it a go….and I continue to use it now even though I am much better. It helps to ease any stuffiness I experience as I sometimes battle with sinus. This is a must for sinus suffers as it does help to purge and cleanse the sinus build up at the base of the throat. What I like is that it doesn't burn my nose at all when sprayed and it also doesn't have a weird taste to it.  This is also available at Dischem and leading pharmacies.


    1. Would be perfect for my nose thats always red!

      1. Definitely a must for anyone who has to use tissues often. It saved my nose.


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