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    I received two Clinique Cheek Pops for my Birthday.  I truly love using these beautiful blushes - a good blush is a must have in every makeup stash.
    I have been using Ginger Pop quite a bit since the weather has turned colder and the Plum Pop in warmer, sunny weather.  I really love the beautiful design of the blushes.  It really brightens my day whenever I use these.  Luckily the design is imprinted deeply into the product so you can use if for quite a long while before losing the beautiful flower.

    The blush is very pigmented and silky smooth in texture.  It transfers well onto the skin and gives my cheeks a natural flushed look.  The colour can easily be built up when you want a brighter cheek.  I can go a whole day with the blush on my cheeks which is incredibly impressive to me.  My trick to making it last is to use a primer under my BB Cream or foundation and then immediately applying the blush while my cheeks are still a bit damp.  You can then seal it in with a bit of translucent powder.  However, if you want to have a more dewy look skip the setting powder as the powder will make your skin matte.

    Clinique really hit a home run with these beauties.  Not only does it make a lady's makeup collection more beautiful but it is a wonderful blush.  Definitely one of my favourites to use.  You can purchase this for R300 at any Clinique stand.

    Let me know what you think!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. These blushes are so pretty!

      1. I was too scared to use them at first then took the plunge!

    2. Replies
      1. It is such a pretty colour. Love mine too.


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