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    This is quite a long overdue Manicure Monday post.  I received this Chanel nail polish from my sister for my birthday and I have already worn it quite a few times.  I just battled with the poor lighting in Cape Town recently so I couldn't take proper photos.  Luckily I had a day where the lighting was good so I quickly painted my nails to share this on colour.
    Coup de couer 609
    The colour in the bottle is quite misleading, as you can see in the photos above, once applied it is actually quite a dark shade.  I was actually quite surprised by how well it suited my skin tone and really love it (Samantha if you are reading this, you chose well!).

    This is the first Chanel nail polish I own so I was very eager to see what it is like.  In a nutshell - it applies easily and evenly to the nail, dries quickly and lasts about 3 days before chipping.  The colour is incredibly intense and what I loved is that it didn't stain my nails or the skin around my nails when I removed it.

    At R330 it is very expensive for a nail polish.  Dior too has increased to that amount.  Do I think these nail polishes are worth it - no not really. There are some cheaper brands that last longer.  Will I stop buying them - no.  I know once applied people don't know what you are wearing and that is what I like about it, it is my little treat and spoil to myself.

    Have a great Monday everyone!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. I must agree, that shade looks amazing on you. I thought I would prefer a shade that it appears in the bottle but it is gorgeous on.


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