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    I was nominated for a Liebster award by Candice from Beauty Candy Loves.  I thought it would be nice to have seeing as this week has been more personal on my blog.
    Who is your favorite SA Blogger?
    This is a very difficult one for me to answer but the blogger I have followed the longest is Chicara from Lipglosses Kisses.  I've mentioned this many times before, but she is the blogger who encouraged me to start my own blog and continues to offer so much support.  So I have to say her blog holds a special spot in my heart.

    What makes your blog unique?
    This is another tough question because all the blogs I read are very unique because they are representations of each of the bloggers. I think Gee Whiskers is unique in that it is a hobby of mine.  I try to keep the posts easy to read, easy to relate to and basically a reflection of me.

    What is your current obsession?
    Skin care! I have always been big on spending time looking after my skin but with the cold weather it has needed a lot more attention.  My current favourites are the Dermalogica Calming Cleanser, The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Boost Sorbet and The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum in Oil overnight treatment.

    If you where stuck on an island what is the one item you would take with you?
    Based purely on Beauty, I would say sunblock! without sunblock my skin goes crazy and produces tons of little brown spots that fade into what look like age spots.

    Who is your favourite blogger of all time internationally or locally?
    I have been following Michelle Phan for such a long time so the loyal side of me chooses her automatically.  I love her posts about beauty and life in general.

    What is your personal style?
    Laid back and not fussy - Jeans, Shirt / Jersey and pumps. That is me.

    What or whom inspires you? 
    From a Beauty Blogger perspective - definitely my readers.  I blog because I enjoy writing posts and sharing my thoughts but receiving feedback from my readers always gives me such a kick.  It lights a spark inside me that just makes me want to share more and be more for my readers.

    Most memorable experience?
    I will avoid the obvious one of when I got engaged.  Lately more and more I have been thinking about little experiences I remember from my childhood probably because my sister and I celebrate "Sister's Day" on Monday (It is a day we claimed as ours over 15 years ago to celebrate our relationship). I remember the day she was born so clearly and I wished for a sibling for so long - so to me, the day she was born is one of the most memorable and happy experiences of my life.

    Beauty product you just can’t live without?
    This is a tight one between a good BB Cream and Mascara.  Having great looking skin means you can get away with no makeup at times.  But I feel my best only once I have mascara on.  I guess I'll have to go with Mascara.

    Happy Friday Everyone!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Lovely post - great answers! xXx

    2. Thank you Charlene for amazing answers, it was really great to get to know the more persona part of you, it's very rare readers get to see the true person behind. :) Loved getting to know you xoxo


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