• DiorSkin Nude Concealer

    I am quite lazy when it comes to doing my makeup every day, I know this might sound rather strange coming from a beauty blogger but I just do not have time to battle with makeup every morning before work.  That means I like to choose products that are easy to apply and work well.  Conclear has always been one of those products I have skipped because it can be such a pain to get it blended in so that it doesn't look like I have caked on makeup.  I recently purchased the DiorSkin Nude Concealer.
    It is very thin in consistency but not runny.  This means is applies easily and is quickly absorbed into your skin.  It hides imperfections and dark skin tone under the eyes.  What I love is its second skin finish, it really does not look as if you are wearing anything once it has fully absorbed into the skin.  With its hydrating formulation it acts almost like an eye treatment.

    Unfortunately I again forgot to keep a mental note of the cost of this, but if I recall correctly it was R360.  As always with expensive products like this, I like to let you all know if I really think it is worth the cost - I definitely think this is the best concealer I have tried.  I am not just saying this because it is Dior. I truly love this concealer.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

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