• Soleil Tan De Chanel

    I bought this Chanel Soleil Tan ages ago from Nicole (@PrincessNoo) and haven't got around to writing a review (despite having taken photos of this months ago!)
    This is a bronzing makeup base that can be worn below foundation to give your skin a sun-kissed look or simply on its own to enhance your complexion.  I mostly wear this on its own because it has good coverage that is easy to control - if you want light to medium coverage you can easily achieve the desired look (without looking orange).  What I also like to do is use this over my foundation to add some definition to my cheek bones.  It also helps to even out your skin and doesn't settle in your pores.

    The product has a firm gel like consistency that is easy to apply to your skin.  It is best to use a kabuki brush if you are going to use this over your entire face or for contouring, as this will give you a smooth even finish.  But I have successfully used my fingertips to define my cheekbones and to just add a bit of colour to my face - you just need to do small circular motions over the area of application to make sure it is well blended in.  I also like the broad tub that it comes in because it allows a person to easily pick up the product on your brush or fingertips.  I also think the tub is absolutely beautiful!

    As far as staying power is concerned, this lasts incredibly well throughout the day.  Even on a very hot day where my skin has been a bit oily.  I also noticed that my makeup as a whole looked good for much longer.

    All in all, I am very happy with this product.  I do not know what the price tag is of this tub but for the price I paid, I am VERY happy with this.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. I've always been too scared it will look a bit orange on me since I'm so pale. But you're just as pale so I'm interested now! haha.

      1. It is so easy to control the amount you use that you will only end up with a scary face if you keep building the colour continuously. And yes, I am just as pale so I am sure you'll be fine using this :P Maybe go to a Chanel counter and ask them to test it out on you before buying it. Like I said in the post, this is also great for contouring in you want to use it in a different way.

    2. love this, really want to try this but its a biiit steep wish the bourjois one was here for me to try first :(


    3. So much Chanel envy right here... Loved this post.

    4. I want this!!! But it shall be on my Christmas wishlist...again this year


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