• Dior Backstage Eye Primer

    The one thing that has always been missing from my makeup collection has been an eye primer.  I decided to get myself one from Dior as a bit of a spoil.
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    The eye primer is a cream colour that is actually almost a perfect match to my eyelids.  It smooths the lid and corrects any redness or blue tone on my lids.  It prepares eyelids perfectly for eyeshadow.  It holds the eyeshadow all day and prevents creasing.  It makes the colours appear more intense and it lasts throughout the entire day.

    This costs R400 which might seem like a lot but a tiny amount goes a very long way.  This will last me a good few months.

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX

    PS. Some good quality cream eyeshadows work fantastically as eye lid primers.  Get a nude or shade similar to your lid colour and use that instead.


    1. For me the best primers are from Urban Decay, but Dior products are always a lovely treat :o) Xx

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    2. I have only ever used the e.l.f eye primer, but I have been saving for this one. Thanks for sharing :-)

    3. Oooh, this looks AMAZING! Definitely adding this to the wish list!


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