• Manicure Monday

    The star of Essie's Fall collection is definitely "For the Twill of It".  This is a very unique colour and I don't think many people will have something like this in their collection.
    The nail polish is a steel grey duochrome that has purple and teal colours.  I find that in shade the colour is a teal grey and indoors the colour appears to be more purple.  The application is smooth and you can almost get away with only 1 coat.

    Let me know what you think!

    Big Hugs,
    Charlene XXX


    1. Its a gorgeous color+the name is so fun too:)

    2. Really reminds me of Yardley's "Glamour Girl" in their Twist Nails range, though that may have a warmer tint to it. Very pretty!

      1. I will have a look to see what you mean. Thanks for commenting!


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